With over 17 years of experience in hospitality and commercial kitchen segment, Tarun Raj Arora established Falooda Express in 2020. He brings his expertise in commercial kitchen segment to develop a concept where the unorganized segment of falooda, kulfi and shakes business could be given a standard definition, a brand proposition to enlarge the scope of business. He believes in the fact that food segment in the times to come will survive based on quality deliverables, and more importantly how hygienically they are served in the market. Taking his thought forward, Falooda Express has been established which not only aims at enlarging its horizon in terms of a growing QSR chain, but also as a concept that can be enjoyed in the comforts of homes.

Falooda Express has opened its first outlet in West Delhi’s Janakpuri—the master franchise outlet. To enlarge the outlet chain, franchise model will be used to reach out to different frontiers of the northern part of India to begin with.

Falooda Express

Spreading Happiness.

Falooda Express — Home to India’s unique street food delicacy

It is said that falooda, which is a refreshing drink/dessert, was created by Persians. Over the years, this so-called Iranian delicacy has become very much Indian; many variations and changes have been brought about with the passage of time. Falooda is prepared with extreme care and gets its identity for the choices which can be created within a variety. The layering of distinct tastes and textures by using noodles, milk, fresh fruits, ice-cream, jelly, basil seeds, crushed nuts and so on…impart uniqueness to falooda. This summer season treat delights everyone and is extremely popular, having become a part of India’s great street food delicacy.

Falooda Express — a unique concept

Think of falooda in any part of the world and it has to be Falooda Express, offering refreshed styles of falooda, kulfi and shakes.

Falooda is a concept that has remained in the Indian market for many years, yet in an unorganized manner. Therefore, Falooda Express takes an approach to bring about standardization and quality to this humble food delicacy, and imparting it a brand recognition. With a variety of flavors, falooda stands a chance to captivate the taste of each member of a family—be it classic or contemporary.

To make the concept work, the focus is on a marked strategy. It is an important ingredient to make a concept succeed in today’s dynamic environment. Falooda Express, thus, aims to offer value-addition to customers by devoting efforts in best processes to create differentiation in the value-chain activities.

As Falooda Express grows, the focus will be more on arriving at a cross-benefit analysis that could help all franchisee outlets in our fold.


New Brand, New Scope

Falooda Express is a new concept with a noble thought. The unorganized market of local street food in India is well-known. One of the popular food that has still remained hidden in the bylanes of various Indian cities is falooda. Falooda Express is a humble approach of making this delightful food into a popular one in a standardized fashion and make it reach out to all segments of the society.

The new concept packaging of falooda, kulfi and shakes in sterile glass jar/bottle has the potential to grow exponentially in future. It is because many Indians don’t try out eating falooda, kulfi and shakes on the streets due to hygiene issues, although they are easily available in several places. In order to take the concept out of the closet of hygiene challenges, Falooda Express presents them in sterile glass jar/bottle which not only displays attractive and persuasive qualities, but also keeps hygiene at the forefront. With proper operation in place, Falooda Express ensures that customers enjoy falooda, etc., without being sceptical of the quality.

Preferred Indian Products

Opening an Indian QSR outlet is extremely competitive in the current market conditions. Therefore, to open an outlet related to fast food is a tricky proposition. Choosing the correct product can help you gain success in no time. If you are looking for getting into an F&B business venture without committing too much of investment, getting a franchisee for a new concept is logical. We help you set up a business in minimal investment backed by a complete business plan.

Win-Win Proposition

When you join hands with Falooda Express, you will enjoy the best proposition to start a new business. It will become a win-win situation for your outlet as Falooda Express promises to bring the best of business acumen and expertise to you to manage the outlet. We will offer you all assistance to select outlet location, design it and even help you buy catering equipment, having the experience of the commercial kitchen equipment industry. You will have access to our marketing partners who can assist you in promoting your outlet, if need be. We will offer you standard recipes and desired training to prepare falooda, kulfi and shakes. The overall management of the outlet will be an easy task with due guidance and knowledge from us.