Let’s Join Hand and Win Together — Become a Franchisee

Business venture is all about right timing and identifying the perception of capturing customers’ expectations, be it latent or known one. Falooda Express is an innovative QSR concept that can turn your small aspiration into an entrepreneurial step forward. The concept brings strength and thought-provoking ideas to implement a sound business proposition to popularize a food concept that has been known for several years in India. We ensure unparalleled support and adequate guidance to not only set up the business unit as a franchisee, but also lay out the entire plan for your journey from conceptualizing an outlet to promoting it. We want to bring about a contemporary thought to business strategy to help you grow and recognize the potential that you possess to build the business further.

Come, and become a part of our growing chain.


Unique Business Model

Packaging plays a great role in creating a brand. It also showcases the product in a manner that is attractive and likable. Falooda Express emphasizes on packaging as a critical success parameter to present falooda, kulfi and shakes i.e., in sterile glass jars/bottles. These can be carried by customers easily and can be further used for decoration or for gardening purpose. Therefore, we create a good brand recall value through our packaging.

Operational Standard and Excellence

Franchise operation makes Falooda Express a convenient brand, while maintaining all standard operating procedures and standard menu. This also ensures that texture of product and output quality are same across all the outlets.

Falooda Express focuses on brand standards stringently, identifying key loophole areas where you could lose revenues. Our expertise will help you understand the methods to make your outlet supremely efficient with minimal investments and with great inventory management in place.

Falooda Express pinpoints techniques and mechanisms for an outlet to make it operate at an optimum level, garnering maximum revenues.

Right Partners of Falooda Express

Willingness to invest time and effort: Franchisees should be willing to invest time and effort to understand the concept and put efforts to grow the business.

Honesty: Share ideas with us and be willing to exchange knowledge to take the brand value forward.

Reliability: As partners, there has to be a sense of reliability on each other. Let there be trust between us.

Dynamism: We look for franchisees who are willing to work on our business model and mould it as per the local needs in consultation with us to achieve growth.